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Colonial Industrial Quarter - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The artistic illustrations on this page were created from the photographic panoramas.

The manufacturing power of Bethlehem began long before the historical steel mills were built. The Moravian settlers used waterpower and human ingenuity to create Bethlehem's first industrial quarter along the Monocacy Creek where it joins the Lehigh River.

Visit the Bethlehem Colonial Industrial Quarter - as George Washington, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin did!


1762 Waterworks

The first Waterworks was a log cabin in 1754.
This stone building replaced it in 1762. The pumping system powered by an undershot waterwheel is regarded as the first municipal pumping system to provide water for drinking and washing in the United States. Restored in 1976, the Waterworks is a National Historic Landmark.


Reconstructed 1764 Springhouse

This spring flowed at a rate of 1 million gallons of potable water per day, never froze over or dried up. Various enclosures were used to protect the spring from animals and dirt. This reconstructed timber springhouse is similar to a 1764 design which was also used to store vegetables, cheese and butter.

1761 Tannery

Moravian tanners would process about 3,000 animal hides annually into leather. During the American Revolution productivity rose to about 6,000 hides annually to supply leather for the Continental Army.

The Tannery was restored in 1971 and is opened to the public as museum.


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